Kaley came to live with me in the summer of 2020. She was purchased to replace a long and loving relationship I had with Rory, an MR2 based Ferrari F355 replica that I had owned for 6 amazing years.

I also owned a Saab convertible and decided I missed the feeling of wind in my hair (I’m speaking metaphorically of course as I’m as bald as they come lol!). I’ve done a few little bits since I got her like chrome bonnet fins, the odd amg sticker (each one adds 5bhp of course!), red matching wheel centre caps, bonnet and steering wheel badges and a Celtic remap. I’ve also had the engine cover dipped in red carbon fibre and although it’s only me that sees this I really do love it! 

She runs beautifully and only comes out on dry days. Had some lovely trips to the Lakes and up into Northumberland and look forward to many more