Dear fellow slikkers, many thanks for the photo clicks for the February vote and here's a few more pictures of my relatively 'new to me' 55...

I purchased ' Bertie' September 20, after selling a 370 Nissan privately, I also had a Jaguar XF (S) so the search for another RWD pleasure car was on! I have had many V8's in the past with jaguar xkr and several earlier Mustangs, and few other insignificant American V8's, once having a V8 something awakens in the soul that needs regular exercise. But my new search did take me to other options..

As many others, I looked at and test drove a BMW z4 2.8si which as a turbo 4 pot it left me cold, underwhelmed, I reviewed several other cars leading me to a Cayman S at a classic dealership in Louth - Lincolnshire. A test drive again left me feeling I needed something more. .... then in the same dealership I spotted the tail end of the AMG, with its current reg of LK 55 AMG parked to one side - so I enquired. , It had only come in a couple if hours earlier. I left details with expression of interest as they were also keen in my XF in part ex (on the Porsche) and going from two road taxes to one was attractive, the 370 was £585 and Jag was £270 a year.

The business owner called back and a test was arranged which was very gratifying. Bertie had 35k miles under close scrutiny it showed to be in genuine pristine condition, a full mb service history, it growled nicely, low ownership, and lastly but importantly my wife loved it too, (unlike the 370! ) I think I am the third owner and without much further deliberation a deal was made.

It's completely standard, I'm considering the smart-top, my only less than fantastic feeling is against the non touchscreen and poor ICE setup (radio sat nav etc) it's not fitting for a car of this ilk the radio reception is poor. I will be wanting that changed but desire for a stand alone unit just for the car, not one that relies on a mobile phone I.e. car play or all that nonsense. I have had a couple of work long runs and getting up to 30mpg, if I take it easy, our principle use will be pleasure, but a small element of occasional commute...short term. But will get another diesel burner if that becomes a regular thing! Have only had one minor issue of leaking richer gasket, noted by the smell, which the supplying garage sorted without quibble, did note a 172 AMG turned up for sale a couple months later!

Look forward to getting out and about in it, and meeting some more 'slikkers', as soon as deemed legal and safe to do so....

This is a great group and pleased to be a part of it, hopefully contribute more as time goes on!
Phew got through all that without one mention custar.... Oh bggr I just have!

John Steers
Nr Wragby - Lincolnshire

Other 'joys' are my motorbikes, think I have too many sunny day toys!