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Whats On 

January 2021

Mercedes SLK R170 SLK 32 - Richard Clark

I still can’t believe that my car was the first car of the month, so have written a fair bit. Owing my AMG32 is more about scratching a 20 year old itch and having a decent car for a road trip around Scotland than anything else. I’ll explain. Originally registered HW51 SLK, I acquired Ola (will explain later) in August ’20 and immediately put my own plate (WOW3E) on her. The road trip around Scotland was in September with a few friends to make up for missing Le Mans classic in July and Good Revival in September. I hadn’t intended to buy an SLK, after having a very poor experience with a SLK 320 in May which was returned to the dealer with so many faults. I actually came close to buying her in February ’20 just before lockdown when Ian Hodgson-Walker (a member of this group) first put her up for sale, but the desire for SLK32 goes back much further.

In April 2000 I treated myself to my first new car, an SLK R170 230 Kompressor in Lazulite Blue with a cream and beige interior. It was manual as I believed that only ‘old people’ like my parents drove automatics – how times have changed!. At the time I was chuffed to bits, until I saw a silver SLK32 a year or so later with a black and red interior that my head was turned. Unfortunately, there was no way I could afford one and moved onto a poor friendship with a BMW 325i before moving through 15 Mercedes from various CLKS, through to an SL and then a couple of E Class estates, one of which is my daily workhorse today.

When Ian first advertised her, we spoke and I came close to viewing her but decided to pursue a 320 V6 not realising the problems I would have or how amazing a SLK32 is. WOW3E is an exceptional car which I can claim little credit for other than taking a fortunate picture which resulted in me writing this, all credit has to go to Ian Hodgson-Walker who bought her in October 2010, christening her Ola at the time. The deal maker for me was Ian’s car was silver with a black and red interior – exactly the same as the car back in 2001 that turned my head – for all I know it could be the same car, but who knows.

She has had every expense spent on her, including a full respray, full service history, full ceramic coating, gummi-pledged everywhere and was fully undersealed which means that there is no rust on her – how unusual is that? Ian even dried her with a leaf blower rather than ever using a towel or chamois on her. A tradition which I have maintained.
Originally registered in December 2001, Ola has had 5 former keepers before me, including Ian and have been cared for by all of them. I have been fortunate to own a few Porsches in the past, but having learnt how to really make the most of her supercharged V6 concluded at the end of our Scottish road trip (1500 miles) than she is a far more capable car with my old 911, 996 C4S which whilst was an amazing car doesn’t have the same understated performance or handling as Orla.

Roof down the deep sound of the AMG exhaust and the wine of the supercharger, which takes you by surprise if you don’t expect, is like nothing else. Whilst I use my E Class for over 25,000 miles a year, on an Autumn evening or an early winter’s day Ora is second to none. A supercar without anyone knowing what she is. She certainly isn’t a R170 230 Kompressor which introduced me to the Mercedes brand, she is a genuine supercar and would recommend one to anyone. The chassis along with the engine was developed to compete with the Porsche Boxster S and BMW Z4M and is a genuine all-rounder. The automatic gearbox is perfectly matted to the engine with the option of a sideway flick kickdown when you need a bit more power for an overtake. Handling wise and with the option of the roof down, means that there is nothing to beat it. I wonder why only 263 were brought into the UK from the circa 4000 manufactured and I can only think the price along with some unfair press reviews at the time when comparing it against the Boxster S and Z4M along with Mercedes’ ‘old man’ imagine of the early 000’s meant that few took the plunge. To be honest their loss is my gain. Depreciation is never kind to original owners but having hit the bottom of the curve I think it’s a sound investment and now you measure it my smiles per mile.

I love nothing more than a drive out over the Yorkshire hills to really see what she has to offer. You have to be very careful on a wet road, but you hardly ever need to push it as the power delivery is very smooth and the chassis perfectly mated to the engine. The picture which I shared for the car of the month was taken on her last drive out before the salt arrived in Yorkshire. Taken on the edge of Marsden Moor, the light was perfect but never realised what a great picture it was until I got home. In addition to the pictures from Marsden Moor between Halifax, where I live, and Huddersfield, thought I would take the opportunity to share pictures from the Scottish Road trip. We touch on parts of the NC500 but after pouring over Google Maps for hours, managed to plot some amazing routes which few use or seem to know about. I would be happy to share these on WhatsApp if anyone would like the details. We used either Arrochar or Fort William as a base for the various routes and found some amazingly quiet roads; perfect to stretch Ora’s legs.

She’s now carefully stored in a Carcoon until mid-March, ready for when the salt has washed off the Yorkshire roads and then she will be out again. I can’t wait! Another road trip planned with friends is planned for Scotland again in June and then back up again in September. The rest of the time she will be out for evening and weekend drives – now I am 50 certainly loving the automatic gearbox, would never go back to a manual, as they say we all turn into our parents eventually.

Finally, thank you to Ian for his car and attention in his 10 years of ownership, Ora is a testament to him and her 4 other owners. I will be caring for her until the time comes for her to move onto a new home. Also thank you for this club. I have been in many over the years and our club just shows that there are decent people with shared interests on Facebook – long may it continue.

February 2021

Mercedes SLK R171 SLK 55 - John Steers

Dear fellow slikkers, many thanks for the photo clicks for the February vote and here's a few more pictures of my relatively 'new to me' 55...

I purchased ' Bertie' September 20, after selling a 370 Nissan privately, I also had a Jaguar XF (S) so the search for another RWD pleasure car was on! I have had many V8's in the past with jaguar xkr and several earlier Mustangs, and few other insignificant American V8's, once having a V8 something awakens in the soul that needs regular exercise. But my new search did take me to other options..

As many others, I looked at and test drove a BMW z4 2.8si which as a turbo 4 pot it left me cold, underwhelmed, I reviewed several other cars leading me to a Cayman S at a classic dealership in Louth - Lincolnshire. A test drive again left me feeling I needed something more. .... then in the same dealership I spotted the tail end of the AMG, with its current reg of LK 55 AMG parked to one side - so I enquired. , It had only come in a couple if hours earlier. I left details with expression of interest as they were also keen in my XF in part ex (on the Porsche) and going from two road taxes to one was attractive, the 370 was £585 and Jag was £270 a year.

The business owner called back and a test was arranged which was very gratifying. Bertie had 35k miles under close scrutiny it showed to be in genuine pristine condition, a full mb service history, it growled nicely, low ownership, and lastly but importantly my wife loved it too, (unlike the 370! ) I think I am the third owner and without much further deliberation a deal was made.

It's completely standard, I'm considering the smart-top, my only less than fantastic feeling is against the non touchscreen and poor ICE setup (radio sat nav etc) it's not fitting for a car of this ilk the radio reception is poor. I will be wanting that changed but desire for a stand alone unit just for the car, not one that relies on a mobile phone I.e. car play or all that nonsense. I have had a couple of work long runs and getting up to 30mpg, if I take it easy, our principle use will be pleasure, but a small element of occasional commute...short term. But will get another diesel burner if that becomes a regular thing! Have only had one minor issue of leaking richer gasket, noted by the smell, which the supplying garage sorted without quibble, did note a 172 AMG turned up for sale a couple months later!

Look forward to getting out and about in it, and meeting some more 'slikkers', as soon as deemed legal and safe to do so....

This is a great group and pleased to be a part of it, hopefully contribute more as time goes on!
Phew got through all that without one mention custar.... Oh bggr I just have!

John Steers
Nr Wragby - Lincolnshire

Other 'joys' are my motorbikes, think I have too many sunny day toys!

March 2021

2013 250cdi AMG Sport - Andy Briggs

Wow, can I first say how surprised I was to get the “win”, thank you all very much, that should put at least 20bhp onto the total power bragging rights :)
Anyhoo, back to the car………

Last September (2020) I came across a 2006 R171 SLK 350 with ballistic mileage (170,000miles) and in need of some tlc. At the time I had a hybrid plug in car that was, frankly boring. I got the SLK for a song, replaced one of the front wings and had wing, bonnet and pretty much the entire nearside resprayed. I added in android head unit, reverse camera and sensors and a major service including auto box and then just drove it. I absolutely loved the car and had no intensions of getting rid of it.

Now move forward to February when I came across the below 2013 250cdi AMG Sport with 61,000m advertised locally……

Just out of curiosity I gave the guy a call and he invited me down for a look, as it was less than a mile away from home, I arranged to meet him, jumped in the 350 and off I went. The car looked immaculate but then the guy started to fill me in. He was a trader, he basically bought and flipped VAG cars but came across this one at an auction, it was an insurance write off, the engine had been water flooded and seized. He showed me the receipt from the auction of how much he paid for it. He then had it transported to a place in Nottingham that rebuilt the engine (I have the receipt for that too). They also replaced the crank and advised on replacement injectors although the car was running now. I took it for a spin and immediately fell in love with it even though it wasn't running 100% like it should, it’s hard to say what was wrong with it but it just wasn't right.

When I got back from the test, I mentioned this to the trader who agreed with me and said he was planning to have the injectors checked out. I left it at that and went my merry way.A couple of days later I called the guy back and asked him about the injectors, he'd had them checked out by a local diesel specialist who advised him to have them refurbished, which he had done. At this point he said if I was interested, I could have the car for exactly what it stood him at, he just wanted to move it on and get back to his VAG cars. I told him I would think about it and let him know. The day after I went for another test drive and bought it on the spot for exactly what it stood him at, I have all the individual receipts including a 12 month warranty on the engine rebuild.

I put the 350 on eBay and sold it for what I originally paid for it so it cost me a wing, some paint and a few electronics to run around in it for 5 months, not too bad.In the just under 3 months, I’ve had the 250Ive done over 3,500 fun filled miles, all for pleasure as I’ve been on the scrap heap since August due to COVID. I was really impressed with the Android system in the 350 so opted to have an android CarPlay box fitted to the 250 but kept the original head unit as I liked the look. Add in reverse Camera and sensors, car maps and a bit of spit and polish and I’m as happy as a pig in……. As per advice from engine rebuilder I had a full service using Mobil 1 full synth after a few hundred miles. I’ve also had it stage 1 mapped which has smoothed out the engine whilst in E mode. In S mode it’s a rocket ship. Unfortunately, after only 4 days of ownership I hit a deer whilst out on an essential custard run, that was an interesting call to Chris Knott insurance, luckily the car was taken in to a local place where a new bumper was fitted, they even touched up some stone chips whilst they had it in for paint and gave me a little pot of touch up paint too, great service.

Do I miss the 350s performance? No, not in the slightest, in Sport mode the 250 is pretty much on par, its less nimble in E than the 350 was in C but I can live with that. The 250 doesn’t have heated seats or a scarf, I miss the seats but never thought much of the scarfs in the 350 anyway. Comfort wise it is so much better, I’m 6’1” and 20 stones and find long journeys very comfortable, if I had to criticise, I would ask why there is nowhere to rest your right foot when using cruise control but that’s just being picky.

Here’s a few more shots including the rear bumper off whilst we installed the reverse sensors and the damage caused by hitting Bambi.

Road Trips

  •  24/09/2021 07:00 PM - 26/09/2021 10:00 PM
  •   North Beach Mews, Tenby, Wales, UK

A Wicked Welsh Weekend get-together that should appeal to all. A 2-nighter due to the distance and time getting over to that start base of beautiful Tenby in West Wales. The plan is that everyone congregates on Friday evening for get-to-know-you supper and beer or cocktails before a full day of touring West and Mid Wales taking in some stunning welsh scenery and roads that encourage you to "explore the SLK" if you wish to do so including a couple of "secret roads" only the locals really know about! Saturday evening is planned as a group dinner in Tenby's own Microbrewery and an opportunity for some banter and camaraderie. Sunday morning after a leisurely breakfast, a coastal tour driving up the breathtaking west coast of Wales and a Sunday Roast for those who want to or folks make their own way home if they wish. Full on weekend! Booking accommodation in Wales at the moment is horrendous due to staycation demand so attendees will need to book their own accommodation. I would recommend that you don't delay in booking - hotel rooms are already in very short supply.

Read More
  • £0.00
  •  19/09/2021 02:37 PM - 24/09/2021 04:44 PM
  •   Inverness, UK

Covid permitting we will do a North Coast 500 tour starting 19th September 2021 and ending 24th September 2021. This will be a leisure tour over 5 days. Meet in Inverness on the Sunday, then Monday - Friday on the North Coast 500 (Arriving back Inverness Friday evening) Farewell dinner on the Friday evening with people departing on Saturday morning Full details will be available soon when we know hotel availability Watch this space!

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  •  04/07/2021 09:00 PM
  •   Slieve Donard Hotel Car Park, hosted by Pippen McGrath

Newcastle Co. Down to Magilligan Point covering one of the worlds most beautiful coastal routes. Members may join in/leave along the route but please let someone know , so we don't have to send out the search party. Arrive on or before 9:00 at Sleive Donard Hotel car park .. We'll leave there at 9:30 & head to Strangford .. Take Strangford Ferry to Portaferry & stop for coffee. Next is the drive to Belfast , sticking to the coastline covering Donaghadee, Helens Bay etc. We'll keep driving through Belfast & stop at Carnlough for coffee & sandwiches. Again around the coast stopping at Ballycastle , then on through Bushmills, Portrush, Portstewart & on to Coleraine.. From there we'll take the North coast to Magilligan Point & have dinner at the "Point Bar & Restaurant" We will be holding in-drive events over the course of the event...... 1. A raffle. 2. A poker game where each SLK/C is given a playing card at various stops along the way.. At the destination, the best hand wins a prize. Please let us know if you intend dining at the Point Bar so we can book numbers in advance. Covid restrictions apply. We extend this run to our members from the UK mainland... please join us. 🙂

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  •  03/07/2021 02:00 PM
  •   Meet up at The phantom winger Pub /Hotel car park, Hosted by Darren Ankers

Meet up at the phantom winger Pub /Hotel car park post code PR3 5JE at 2pm ,then cruise down the M55 and meet up again on the B & Q car park just off j4 post code FY4 5LU at roughly 2.30pm for any one who can't meet at phantom winger . Then go for a cruise up and down the golden mile , open for any ideas on what to do afterwards maybe fish and chips ??.

Read More
  •  12/06/2021 09:00 AM - 12/05/2021 12:00 PM
  •   The Livermead House Hotel Torquay, Hosted By Carlos Flandango

The Inaugural Coast to Coast Riviera Custard run (Cleethorpes to Torquay) Attendees can join and leave at any of the places on the schedule but need to state that in comments. Schedule Cleethorpes Sea front depart 09:00 Doncaster North Services M18/M180 Arr: 09:50 Dep: 10:00 Woodall Services (South) M1 Arr: 10:20 Dep: 10:50 Donington Services M1Arr:11:15 Dep: 11:25 Hopwood Park Services M42 Arr: 12:20 Dep:12:30 Lunch at Elmsbury Lodge (Tewkesbury) Arr: 13:00 Dep 14:30 Gordano Services (South) M5 Arr: 15:15 Dep: 15:25 Taunton Dene Services (South) M5 Arr:16:15 Dep:16:25 Arrive Torquay Beach Front 17:30 Overnight at The Livermead House Hotel, Torquay. Group Dinner in the evening (Rule of 6 will be in place so we need to dine in groups of 6) We will choose hotel and do the deals for lunch, dinner and accomodation once we have the numbers at the end of the month. Partners, Wives, Husbands welcome as long as they are your own A liking of custard is not compulsory although it will help. Sense of humour mandatory Lets have some Post Lockdown fun 🙂

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National Meetings

Full National meeting 2022

SLK Owners National Meeting

SLK National Owners Meeting. Come and meet like minded fellow enthusiasts in a spectacular location. The day will feature competitions, displays and be well attended by food and drink vendors. Lets make this the biggest dsplay of SLK's ever

  • Date: 04/06/2022 10:00 AM
  • Location: TBD (Map)

Read More

Past Events

Title Date Location
Simply Mercedes 22 Aug 2021 Beaulieu motor museum, Hosted by Sarah Leyfield

Breakfast Meetings

  •  25/07/2021 09:00 AM
  •   The Ritz Complex Northampton, Hosted by Tracy Barnett

Breakfast at the Ritz Complex Northampton in the R Bar & Grill Arrive from 9am plenty of free allocated parking for our cars For anyone wishing to stay longer or the evening before the owner has offered preferential discounted rates on accomodation (Inc Breakfast) Single room £35 per night Double room £45 per night Super King £55 per night Rooms to be booked directly by email Guests will also recieve 10% discount in the bar and restaurant and get exclusive membership of NOIR (wine, cheese and chocolate bar)

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  •  23/05/2021 10:00 AM
  •   Stray Cafe Redcar, Hosted by Graham Craggs

Breakfast Meeting for SLK Owners Club Facebook group at the Stray Cafe Redcar

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Lunch  Meetings

Sorry, registration has ended.

Lincolnshire Drive and Dine

Come along to the Lincolnshire Drive & Dine (NG34 0RJ). This is our second year hosting this event. It's set in a quiet village location where we have permission to park the cars on the village green. Just across the road is the Brass Windmill Pub, which serves generous portion meals (you won't go hungry). The pub has a good size covered beer garden which also includes a log burner to keep any chills at bay. Hope to see you there

  • Date: 31/07/2021 11:00 AM
  • Location: The Brass Windmill Helpringham, Hosted by Sean Marks (Map)

Dinner Meetings

Curry nights will recommence from June 2021

Curry Night

Curry nights will recommence in June, full details of all events will be posted here Watch this space

  • Date: 02/03/2021 12:00 AM
  • Location: No particular Restaurant (Map)


The club is pleased to announce we have partnered with a quality clothes supplier to provide you with an exclusive range of clothing, these are all high quality top end items, such as Fruit of the Loom, Uneek, Helly Hansen, etc.. available in a variety of colours with the club logo embroidered on them.
Do not confuse these with cheap printed items available elsewhere these are high end garments

We are pleased to bring you, T Shirts, Polo Shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Jackets, Gillet’s and Bags, all are available to order directly online from our exclusive partner
It is not our intention to profit from these items but to provide the members with exclusive clothing to promote the club.



Stickers & Graphics


SLK Owners Club Keyrings are now available, laser etched and CNC cut in 8mm smoked perspex, these keyrings will add style to your Mercedes key. Smooth surfaces and rounded edges ensure no damage is done to other surfaces or the keyring itself, whilst it is attached to your keys.
  • Sizes are 75mm and 50mm please state size required on the order form
Price of the Keyring is £5.00 including packaking and Postage

Air Fresheners

Air Fresheners
Introducing the Official SLK Owners Club, In car Air Freshener

Following demand from club members we have commissioned our very own SLK Owners Club Air Freshener

Black ice fragrance which will give a long lasting fresh fragrance to your vehicle,

Sold in packs of 3 so you can use in multiple vehicles or keep a stock for valet day.

Proudly display the Club's Union Jack Logo and let others know you are part of the most friendly and knowledgeable Mercedes Club in the UK

Limited number available, be quick and Order now,

£5.99 for a pack of 3 Including Postage


These beautifully designed SLK Owners Club drink coasters are fashioned in 8mm thick smoked perspex and will enhance and protect any surface.

Coasters are priced at £5 each or £15 for a set of 4

Wind deflectors

Wind deflectorsWind deflectorsWind deflectors
Wind Deflectors are available for all models of SLK & SLC in two options.
All come with detailed fitting instructions and instructions are available on line, no specialist skills are needed for installation of these Wind Deflectors. They have been tried and tested extensively on all model SLK’s and have been found to be extremely efficient at keeping the cabin a wind free environment. They are made from 8mm top grade perspex with stainless steel fittings and are a stylish and functional addition to any SLK.

Option 1
Standard SLK Owners Club Wind Deflector with Club Logo priced at £121 inc Packaging and Posting

Option 2
A personalised Wind Deflector with any design or graphic and any wording/lettering of your choice. You can have football club crests, Mercedes logo, your company name, literally anything you want as long as our designer can digitize it. Some examples of these are given below along with a link to see more examples and discuss what you want with our designer. The cost of these personalised Wind Deflectors are £121 including Packaging & Posting.

To discuss your individual personalisation please contact Pippen HERE

Merchandise Order Form

Please use this form to order any Club mechandise. We will check your order and then send you a PayPal invoice for the ammount of the order. Upon receipt of your PayPal payment we will dispatch your order by Royal Mail second class postage. Valuable items will be sent Royal Mail signed for.

Please give as much information in your message as you can i.e for decals external or internal, size and colour etc... please read each item carefully and place your order based on the choices available.

Buyers Guide


Independent buying guides for the original R170 SLK (Gen1) Inc Facelift.

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Independent Buying guides for the R171 SLK (Gen 2) Inc Facelift models

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Independent buyers guides for the R172 SLK (Gen 3) including facelift and SLC models

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Owners Manuals

R172 (SLC) Owners Manual

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R172 (SLK) Owners Manual

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R171 Owners Manual

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R170 Owners Manual

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The club has its very own forum which offers the more traditional and in depth discussion compared to the Facebook group.

The forum can be accessed HERE